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New Product Development

While traditional research and development departments measure their product development timelines in years, we will turn your concept or idea into a tangible product ready for production in a matter of months.  This is accomplished based on a few simple concepts.

  1. Our innovations tend to be focused on certain niche products in which we have a high degree of specialization. Our close-knit network of consultants accommodate a very wide range of innovation.
  2. When your prototype product reaches a high level of satisfaction from both you and the intended customer, we have the capability of bringing your product to market in a time frame of 3-6 months.
  3. This is possible due to our configurable manufacturing system, which takes the basic functionality of an existing machine and converts it to handle the specifications of your product.

The initial manufacturing of your product is done in house and, based on your long-term production goals, can continue to be manufactured at our facility, or the machine can be configured to run at your plant. We typically like to be running our machines at 85% efficiency before making the move to your facility to ensure a smooth transition with minimal downtime.

The Pro
fitable Approach

The consumer products industry requires constant innovation or your product will become obsolete and sales growth will become stagnant. Accurate Product Development takes this into account when designing our machines, so when there are changes to the products features or specifications, we make it very easy and cost effective to implement these changes to your machine. We believe there should never be an ending to your product’s life cycle and will work closely with you to make sure your product stays relevant in the marketplace.

Most product development firms or research and development departments in large companies require a huge initial investment to make it to the manufacturing stage. Accurate Product Development makes developing your product much more affordable because costs are spread out across different stages and not all at one time. You will start recouping costs at a much faster rate because of smaller initial costs and increased speed to market.


5 Steps Broken Down

Our team of researchers will evaluate your potential products market and give meaningful insights on what features and attributes your product must contain to be successful.Market Landscape After a thorough analysis of customer requirements, our design team will work closely with you to layout all necessary product specifications and features. Then, using industry leading software and technology, draft a working model or multiple models of your new product. Concept Development Our supply chain and implementation specialists will take the designs and source the highest quality materials for your application. Our strong ties to suppliers and a well established logistics network ensures that once your company reaches the manufacturing stage, all necessary supplies will be sourced to increase speed to market.Commercial Assessment Before manufacturing your product on a large scale, our experienced team of hand makers will take your product from the drawing board to a tangible item. Your prototype product will undergo extensive testing in both our lab and in the hands of consumers, Multiple prototypes are made to give you more flexibility and to make sure you market the product best suited for the target customer. During this phase we will help you with the product’s launch using our time-honored distribution channels. Prototypes After we have tested the prototypes and a final product is agreed upon, large-scale manufacturing will be started. We have the capacity to manufacture your product long term or develop a machine to run at your plant. Either way our configurable machines facilitate innovation and can be changed at any point during the product’s lifetime to add new features. Commercialization
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