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Product Development

The Fischer Group offers comprehensive product development services, guiding businesses from concept to market with expertise in design, engineering, and production.

custom Machine Building

The Fischer Group crafts tailor-made machines, leveraging expertise in engineering and manufacturing to meet specific industry needs with precision and efficiency.

Contract Manufacturing

The Fischer Group provides contract manufacturing solutions, handling production for businesses' products, from design to assembly, ensuring quality and efficiency.

business expertise

Discover Our Business Expertise

The Fischer Group excels in diverse industries through its comprehensive business expertise. Leveraging a deep understanding of manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain management, the company delivers tailored solutions that drive innovation, enhance quality, and improve operational efficiency. With a commitment to excellence, they provide clients with end-to-end support, from product design and development to manufacturing and logistics. This broad expertise empowers businesses to streamline processes, reduce costs, and stay competitive in rapidly evolving markets, making The Fischer Group a trusted partner for achieving operational excellence and success across various industries.
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Amazing Business Services

Product Development

Engineering, innovating and designing existing and new products to better meet consumers’ needs and maintain competitive pricing.

Machine Building

We build machines catered to your product. Our re-configurable platforms allow for versatile machines that have a much lower cost than average.

Contract Manufacturing

Whether it’s contract manufacturing or manufacturing our customers’ newly developed product for market, we utilize our GMP facility to manufacture non-woven products for small runs to ongoing production.

Material Slitting

The Fischer Group is your solution for slitting services requiring minimal notice and fast turnaround.


Ability to prototype products in quantities of 1 to thousands. Prototypes can be used for development, consumer use studies or feedback sessions, sales samples and more. we specialize in creating prototypes that mirror product manufactured on a line.

Sales & Marketing

We partner with our consumers and additional products on our own that we market and distribute direct to retailers through our network of brokers and direct to retail channels.



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